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Nook Exchange
Nook Exchange is an inventory site for the Nintendo game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The entire client code is implemented using Reason, a OCaml sugar. Nook Exchange has over 100,000 registered users!
  • Inventory lists (Wishlist, Can Craft, Wishlist, Catalog)
  • A feed with users you follow
  • Quickly find overlapping items with other users
  • Quick lists
  • Translated items and variants
  • Discord community
    • Discord bots allow users to indicate that they are interested in trade and will match users that have items to give each other.
I initially built Nook Exchange as an excuse to try out Dark Lang. However, the site grew more than I expected and so I continued designing and building features. I love Dark but I eventually migrated the backend to a traditional NodeJS/Postgres backend.